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Going Light Luis Figo

4.6.2006 - 06/2013

Halden Coon's Q

11.11.2008 - 21.4.2011

Halden coon's Nestle

13.11.2007 - 31.12.2007

Moonca't Funny Face

21.10.1996 - 1.8.2007

Coonplatoon's Peggy Sue

18.08.1992 - 01.05.2007

Halden Coon's Lola

30.11.2005 - 26.8.2006

Halden coon's Columbo


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Ruffntufts Moose


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Love that falls from heaven
Upon our life each day
Brings a ray of sunshine
With love that always stays

So when you're feeling lonely
Or think that you're alone
Look up to the heavens
Where precious Angels roam

Wings to share God's Blessings
With love beyond compare
Whispered words of caring
These miracles are there

Reach up for this happiness
Know God's special bliss
His love for us unending
His wings of love exists

Watching over daily
Sending special prayers
One moment of God's happiness
His Angel's love we share.

Francine Pucillo