Moose´s dam:

CH Maineframes Sea Shell (MCO fs 09 22)

Owner: Aurey Steavens

Moose´s sire:

CH MtKittery Gilead of Citypaws(MCO a 22)

Owner: Elina Sistonen- Schasche

Moose´s brother

Moose´s brother

Moose and Columbo

Sire and son


 Chili´s dam:

DK*Cozy Farm Shadow of Red (MCO e 23)

Owner: Irma Bossen

Chili´s sire:

GIC WW/A95 DK* Cozy Farm Gipsy (MCO e 22)


Chili´s brother

Chili´s grandmother:

Maineline Wild Honey Pie (MCO f 22)


EC DK* Bosserne´s Chili (MCO e 22)  


The brother of Fasu's dam:

Coonshadow Waltteri

The sister of Fasu's dam:

Coonshadow Wiivi

Tiptop maine Davamis Pikkumetsän coon Carina
Sarafina's Pawnee